What is Zenyoga?

Bringing the body, the breath, the mind in order.

Zenyoga is a specific type of yoga based on the principles of the Chinese school of Buddhism called Chan, or Zen in Japan.

Zenyoga applies three important aspects of the Chan practice, which represent a model for a wholesome approach to life.

In order to bring the body, breath, and mind in balance, Zenyoga uses a wide range of physical postures, breathing exercises, corrective exercises, massage, and meditation.

Extended Side Angle Pose

Zenyoga Split

Zenyoga Split first opened its doors in 2004 in the downtown heart of Split.

It has been a stepping stone for several generations of teachers.

All Zenyoga teachers have to undergo comprehensive education. The teachers are allowed to teach classes after their graduation.

Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present.

– Iyengar

The Warrior Position


What are the benefits of Zenyoga?

There are three ways in which Zenyoga can affect the body: With rhythmic repetition of the movements it can develop awareness of the body in motion; through retaining the postures it deeply affects the internal organs; and with energetic exercises it renews the harmonious flow of energy through the body. Unique to Zenyoga Split is Aerial Yoga – postures done in a hammock that release stress in the joints. Many diseases and physical disabilities occur due to unhealthy emotional states such as fear, stress, anxiety, anger, or depression. Zenyoga can help by introducing different practices of emotional calming, concentration and insight. With regular exercise, one can achieve better balance and a harmonious interaction on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Such practice results in feelings of joy and satisfaction in exercising, and physical and emotional relaxation.

Who can practice Zenyoga?

Everyone can practice yoga, more or less. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate yogis, up to more advanced yogis. We also offer therapeutic classes for those who have not exercised for a long time or have minor physical disabilities.

Can Zenyoga help me lose weight?

Yoga will help you tone your body, but only continuous changes in your diet will lead to weight loss.

Can I practice Zenyoga when I am on my cycle?

Yes you can, but avoid postures that require upside-down motions (e.g. candle).

Can I practice Zenyoga if I am not flexible?

Certainly! Zenyoga will help you achieve better overall flexibility.

How old do I have to be to practice Zenyoga?

Age doesn’t matter in yoga. However, the earlier you start, the more benefits you will reap.

What do I need to bring to my first Zenyoga class?

Strong will and determination, comfortable cotton clothes and a towel.

Can I eat before my Zenyoga class?

Allow yourself two to three hours of food abstinence before yoga class. However, you can have some light snacks that will not feel heavy on your stomach.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes. Private classes have to be scheduled independently. Please contact us for more information.

How much is membership in Zenyoga Split?

Drop-in class is 50 kn. Monthly membership with two classes per week is 250kn.


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Mirjana Halsey MimiYoga Master
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Born in Split, her journey with Chan Buddhism and Yoga started in 1988 in Zagreb when she was working as a music therapist in the Suvag Institute.

Looking for a change and a different way of life, she found a group of enthusiasts lead by teacher Žarko Andričević, recognised today as one of the leading teachers of Chan Buddhism. She studied buddhism, practiced chan meditation, and Zen Yoga.

In 1996 she moved to Split and started teaching.

In 2005 she opened a new, private Yoga studio.

Mimi is a true inspiration to everybody. She motivates people to find their true path, a path of fulfillment and love.

”You truly fall in love with your life when you find your true calling. You look forward to your every step, your every breath. You enjoy the nature which is so giving, but asks nothing in return. You learn from animals and plants, and you start loving them like your own child, like yourself.”

– Mirjana Halsey

Tajana ŠaljićYoga Teacher
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Tajana is a certified teacher under Yoga Alliance (RYT 500). She started her life changing journey in 2007.

In 2011 she spent an eye opening month studying and practicing yoga in China and Taiwan. She immersed herself in the world of unknown which only strengthened her decision to pursue this path.

Having started in her 40s, Tajana is an inspiration to everybody who is still afraid to engage. She lives by her mantra that everything is possible if your love is strong enough. Even the smallest piece of enthusiasm should be deeply cherished, and one’s age is utterly irrelevant.

With the same love and dedication she keeps teaching and inspiring young yogis in Zenyoga Split studio.

Ana BjelobrkYoga Teacher
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Ana is a certified yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance (RYT 500). She has been involved in numerous chan meditation retreats and yoga seminars.

She sees yoga as a discipline that combines emotional with physical in order to improve our overall health, strengthen our individual possibilities, and push ourselves beyond our limits.

Such self developments improve our efficacy in life on many levels. They allow us to handle everyday life challenges much better, and they increase the sense of satisfaction that we have with ourselves and our lives.

She strongly believes that these reasons are more than enough to convince others to simply try.

Đeni MacanYoga Graduate
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Đeni started her journey in 2013, when she attended her first class almost by chance.

In late 2013 she spent one month in Thailand where she joined the ”Happy Healing Home” project to learn more about mindfullnes in practice, meditation, buddhism and simple self-sustaining way of life.

After obtaining a masters degree in sociology, she joined Zenyoga school for teachers upon the invitation of her teacher Mirjana Halsey in 2015. Every day she is grateful to her teacher for showing her the right path, and for deciding to make the “first step on a path of thousand miles.”

In 2016 she spent two months in India and Thailand broadening her knowledge and experience in yoga and meditation. In India she was honored to participate in Dalai Lama’s public speech about Tibetan medicine during the International Conference on Tibetan medicine.

She wants to dedicate her life to teaching and exploring yoga.

Martina BraovićYoga Graduate
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Martina first started practicing Zenyoga in 2004 guided by her teacher Mirjana Halsey.

In 2007 her engagement increased when she started attending Zenyoga seminars on Krk and Orebić.

In 2008 she enrolled in the Zenyoga school for teachers where she spent two years broadening her knowledge.

Even though she has yet to graduate, she still actively pursues various lectures and seminars.

Apart from yoga, Martina works in a law firm as trainee solicitor.



Shiatsu massage is an integrated treatment with the goal of establishing balance in the body. Using pressure on acupuncture points and meridians, a Shiatsu practitioner establishes a renewed energy flow, and increased vitality, in the whole body.

A shiatsu massage is done on a mat on the floor. The client remains dressed in comfortable long sleeved clothing, preferably made from natural materials.

After a massage treatment, you will feel refreshed and strengthened.

Dražen Matošić
Shiatsu Therapist
Split, Croatia
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